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Archives - August 2017


8 Thrifty Ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

  Home garbage disposals need regular cleaning. Lots of food particles and residue are left behind and cause the disposal to work harder and smell unpleasant. What is nice is you have many items in your home already that you can use.  No special or expensive cleaners needed! First NEVER put your hand in the …


Is It Time to replace the Water Heater?

  If your water heater has stopped working, you may be considering replacing it. Before you decide to replace your water heater, check to see if it has sediment that may need to be flushed.  Check the heating element to see if it needs replacing.  Also make sure that the thermostat is in good working …



  If you decided to DIY plumbing remember, a few things to keep yourself and your family safe. Plumbers are responsible for doing a lot of different jobs.  Repairing pipes, changing fittings, fixtures, and installing many other household items.  They need to take the right measures to avoid risks, because their job carries a lot …