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Ohhhh Nooooo – Better Call Paul

How to Act During a Plumbing Emergency The worst part about a plumbing emergency is that you’ll never know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. Sometimes the warning signs are a lot more subtle than you’d expect, and before you know it — you’re standing in a foot of water not knowing what …


Best Plumber For Plumbing Leaks in Las Vegas

Paul Andrews at Andrews Plumbing and Repair knows plumbing leaks can be a big problem. You can face high water bills and they can also boost a room’s moisture level. Higher moisture in a room may lead to mold growth among other structural problems. Let us not forget leaks can contribute to early deterioration of …


Everything About Showerheads

Showerheads in all their glory are arguably the best aspect of bathroom plumbing in Las Vgeas: giving us a hot, relaxing time of quiet, a sort of respite from the worries which bombard us outside their steamy spray.  Consider this your guide for all you need to know about showerheads, and possibly some information you never …