Unless you’ve had to do it before, chances are you’ve never thought much about replacing a toilet. Of all the maintenance and repair projects your home requires, you probably thought you could count on your toilets to more-or-less hold up. Unfortunately, however, toilets wear out just like everything else.

Sometimes, you can repair or update a troublesome toilet reliably and keep using it. Other times, it makes more sense to replace the toilet all together. Trying to keep a compromised toilet functioning when it should be replaced is a recipe for an expensive mess. Here are five signs that it’s time to cut your losses and replace the toilet altogether.

It’s really, really old

We’re not saying that all old toilets don’t work. We are saying that the older your toilet is, the more likely it is to have problems, however. Older toilets are characteristically less efficient than newer, more water efficient models. In many cases an upfront investment in a new, water efficient toilet can save you more over time.

One option for an old-to-new toilet upgrade is investing in a dual-flush fixture that gives you the choice to use different amounts of water for liquid and solid waste, saving money and water over time.

It clogs all the time

Question: who likes a clogged toilet? Answer: nobody. A clog once in a while is par-for-course for any homeowner. When clogs become commonplace, however, there’s a problem afoot. With age, certain varieties of older low-flush toilets incur stoppages more often. When that happens, it’s because their interiors wear out and need to be replaced.

It wobbles when you sit on it

If your toilet wobbles when you sit on it the first thing you should do is check for loose screws. Tightening screws could solve your problem quickly and easily. In many cases, unfortunately, a wobbling toilet goes beyond just loose screws.

A wobbling toilet might also mean that leakage has damaged the floor beneath the toilet, which is a serious problem. A wobble doesn’t always mean your toilet needs to be replaced, but it does always mean you should have it looked at.

There are cracks in the porcelain

Frequent puddles around the base of your toilet often happen because of cracked porcelain. Cracked porcelain doesn’t necessarily stop your toilet from working, but it will leak constantly.

A toilet that constantly leaks can waste hundreds of dollars each year. Repairing leaking toilets is worth the money you’ll save on your water bill in the long run.

No matter why you need to replace your toilet or what kind of toilet you want in its place, you can always call Paul Andrews at Andrews Plumbing and repair for the install. We’ll make sure you end up with a toilet that you’ll want to keep running for the long run.


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