If you decided to DIY plumbing remember, a few things to keep yourself and your family safe.

Plumbers are responsible for doing a lot of different jobs.  Repairing pipes, changing fittings, fixtures, and installing many other household items.  They need to take the right measures to avoid risks, because their job carries a lot more risks than other professions. If you decide to skip hiring a service and tackle a project on your own, here are some things to remember in order to keep you safe and sound:

  1. Chemical hazards. If you have a chemical problem in the home such as asbestos or lead, avoid as much exposure as possible and call Andrews Plumbing and Repair service right away. They will be able to safely handle the situation without running the risk of getting sick
  2. Electrocution. Wet environments can cause an electrical hazard. Because of this, never assume that the electricity is off. Go find the source and shut off all the electricity in the home before proceeding.  Make sure any equipment is secured away from the area.
  3. Be careful of cramped conditions. In the wrong areas, you could start to suffocate from an oxygen deficiency. There are plenty of dangerous chemicals that happen as a result of sewage decomposition that can have lasting effects on your health.
  4. Take a break often. Taking regular breaks while you work will help keep you productive when you do get back on task. It will be healthy for your mind and body so that you get a little bit of rest before taking on more demanding jobs.


If you have any questions and are not sure how to proceed please call me first.  Andrews Plumbing and Repair Las Vegas Nevada (702) 301-0707

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