Citrus fruits are a very popular scent for cleansers. Especially for the kitchen in your home.  The nice, crisp, clean scent can make a kitchen feel clean and fresh; there are specialized household cleaners that tend to smell like citrus fruits – everything from oven cleaners to drain cleanser. The scent of lemons and oranges has become the universal smell of a clean home.

To try to save some money on cleaning and make their home greener friendly, people have begun using some ‘common sense’ logic. It seems perfectly natural and harmless to throw some leftover pieces of citrus fruits down the drain in order to clean up the musty smell in the drains and the garbage disposal. The acid can eat away at all the gunk while leaving a fresh scent behind. However, this belief is not true and can damage your plumbing system.

Andrews Plumbing and repair services have been around long enough to know that this method of cleaning up your drains is actually very harmful to your home’s pipelines.  We’ve seen the after-effects of shoving one too many citrus fruits down the sink. Lemons, limes, and oranges can leave a great smell, but they do not have the same effect on pipes and drains. The acidity of the fruit is will eventually corrode, rust, and eat away at the metal on the interior of the pipes, while not really doing much to clean up the  dirt and grime.

Sticking to vinegar and hot water will clean and deodorize your pipes.   If this is not working please call Andrews Plumbing and Repair in Las Vegas Nevada (702) 301-0707

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