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Add value to your home with plumbing renovations.

Add value to your home with plumbing renovations Did you know that your local plumber can do more than just fix your toilet or repair your leaky tap? Believe it or not, they can actually assist with adding both style and value to your property … this is done with plumbing renovations. Plumbing renovations can …


Could your home have hidden leaks?

There are several places in homes where plumbing leaks start slowly and work their way up to major repairs due to water damage.  We often don’t think about the areas that we cannot see.  Things like faucets and shower head leaks are easy to spot and fix.  Here are a few common places that plumbing …


Plumbing problems and check ups

  Everybody hates having a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night. We feel a wall of dread and anxiety when we discover a leak in the middle of the night or when we start getting ready for the work. Staring at a toilet that spins and spins yet doesn’t actually flush, or turning …


Do you feed your plumbing Citrus?

Citrus fruits are a very popular scent for cleansers. Especially for the kitchen in your home.  The nice, crisp, clean scent can make a kitchen feel clean and fresh; there are specialized household cleaners that tend to smell like citrus fruits – everything from oven cleaners to drain cleanser. The scent of lemons and oranges …


8 Thrifty Ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

  Home garbage disposals need regular cleaning. Lots of food particles and residue are left behind and cause the disposal to work harder and smell unpleasant. What is nice is you have many items in your home already that you can use.  No special or expensive cleaners needed! First NEVER put your hand in the …


Is It Time to replace the Water Heater?

  If your water heater has stopped working, you may be considering replacing it. Before you decide to replace your water heater, check to see if it has sediment that may need to be flushed.  Check the heating element to see if it needs replacing.  Also make sure that the thermostat is in good working …



  If you decided to DIY plumbing remember, a few things to keep yourself and your family safe. Plumbers are responsible for doing a lot of different jobs.  Repairing pipes, changing fittings, fixtures, and installing many other household items.  They need to take the right measures to avoid risks, because their job carries a lot …


Don’t Waste Money Heating Water!!!!!

When a home owner sits down and examines their energy bills, they are always surprised to learn that water heating is the second highest energy appliance next to your heating and cooling costs.    We have a few suggestions to help lower your water heating bills. Install fixtures that lower water flow:Faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads …


About Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have  advantages for  homeowners, especially in the Las Vegas area where water costs can skyrocket, and energy efficiency is so important. Most attractive is the long-term savings. The initial investment in a tankless water heater is greater than that of a conventional storage water heater, but tankless water heaters will typically last …


Taking Care of Your Faucets

  Did you know that you can make your faucets last longer? And they can help conserve huge amounts of water?  It’s true!   A faucet is something you turn on and off.  Turn it on, you get water.  Turn it off, the flow of water stops.   If only it were that simple.  But …