Phil H. – Las Vegas

We had Paul out to replace a leaky and corroded cast iron pipe in our guest bath and we couldn’t be more pleased! He had to access the pipe via a family room wall and the precision and detail of his work was fantastic. He as able to do the job while only removing one tile from our floor which remained intact when he removed it. A very small section of drywall had to be removed, too. His work with the jack hammer was surgical in it’s precision. Nothing other than the very small area he opened to create the workspace was damaged or needs to be replaced, leaving an easy build back of the area. In addition to the repair he quickly replaced a faucet in our master bath without batting an eye. He’s super friendly, professional, polite, and reasonably priced. We will definitely use him for repairs and/or improvements in the future. Top-notch service and person!!!! Yay Paul Andrews!