Your garbage disposal is designed to make life easier. When it comes to cleaning up in the kitchen, a working disposal is invaluable. You likely use your garbage disposal more often than you think, too. But how often do you perform maintenance or cleaning? For many homeowners, the answer is rarely, if at all. Don’t take your garbage disposal for granted. Extend its lifespan today!

Be Careful What You Dispose Of…

A garbage disposal is designed for a very specific use. You want to dispose of relatively small food debris. It almost goes without saying, but you should definitely avoid metal and plastic items! Plus, never pour fats, oils, or grease down the drain. They may be liquid so it’s tempting, and it may seem appropriate, but grease and oils solidify once cooled. When that happens, you have a blockage in the disposal.

Finally, don’t put super-fibrous vegetables such as celery down the drain. The fiber or cellulose in the skin becomes tangled in the blades, wreaking havoc.

Run the Disposal

On occasion, letting your garbage disposal run for an extra minute or two after grinding anything up is a smart idea. Doing this allows all food to be completely flushed down your drain, and this helps prevent future clogs. Try to follow up any food debris with a little dish soap to remove excess food from the drain, too.


First of all, if you’re unsure of how to properly maintain your garbage disposal, then avoid doing so altogether. Always call a plumber when you don’t know how to properly work on any part of a plumbing system. A YouTube video may be helpful, but doesn’t take the place of a trained and experienced plumbing pro. However, if you are really comfortable addressing your garbage disposal, remember to switch off the breaker, and abide by OSHA’s lockout procedure for safety.

Maintenance helps ensure your system runs smoothly year-round. A key part of maintenance is ensuring leaks do not occur, and that clogs are not persistent.

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